• All students must register and payment must be received before attending classes.

  • RNB reserves the right to cancel classes due to insufficient registration.

  • Teachers at RNB determine the level of class for students, we have been trained to make this decision in the students best interest.

  • Teachers are not responsible for valuables. Cell phones may be brought into the studio but not used.

  • Teachers and Directors will make every effort to return all phone calls promptly.

  • Parents are expected to provide their child with the appropriate dance attire.

  • It is the responsibility of the parent to be fully aware of the content of the monthly newsletter. The newsletter is posted in the lobby, emailed home and on the website. Please provide your email address at time of registration.

  • You are requested to phone the studio to inform the Administrator of absences. Students must attend every class possible barring serious illness.


  • Schedules may be changed if necessary without notice.

  • Students are expected to be punctual and ready for class. Parents must arrive on time to pick up students from all classes and particularily prompt picking up from the last class of the evening.

  • No gum!

  • Healthy food & drinks permitted at RNB, water ONLY in all four studios.