December 15th 2019- Christmas Show (Capilano University)

February 1st 2020- Fundraising Show (Centennial Theatre)

February 23rd 2020- Festival Demo (Capilano University)

June 26th & 27th 2020- Year End Shows (Centennial Theatre)



Missed Classes

As we prepare for the show please be aware that missed classes are a problem not only for the student missing the class, but also for the other students in the class, the volunteers trying to fit costumes, and the teacher. If a child is injured or not feeling 100%, he/she should come and observe the class (unless contagious).

On Time

Make sure that your dancer is on time for all rehearsals and performances!

Food & Water

Ensure your dancer comes to rehearsals with ample food and water to see them through the long days. No coloured drinks are permitted in the theatre, as they stain costumes permanently

Come Prepared

Be sure to send your dancer to rehearsal/shows with all necessary shoes, tights, undergarments, hair supplies etc. Please note that the week of the show may cause a change in our regular class schedule, please be sure that all belongings needed for the show have been removed from the studio.


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