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Individuals are selected by RNB teachers who feel the student has reached the technical and performing level required. Teachers will work closely with them in preparation for festival(s). The festival standard requires dedication and hard work from the students and support from their parents. To be eligible to compete a Solo, Duo or Trio students must be enrolled in a "Competitive" class in the same genre at RNB. For example; to compete a Contemporary Solo/Duo/Trio you must be enrolled in an "Accelerated" Contemporary class at RNB.



Students/Parents will receive...

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Early Invite Form- selected students will be invited to learn choreography for Solo, Duo, Trio and Small Groups. This will be additional to their "Competitive" classes. Choreography fees will be outlined on the Early Invite and must be paid in full to the choreographer prior to the first rehearsal.

Festival Package - will have tentative festival dates, festival fees and costume fees outlined. Parents and students will sign a contract agreeing to the commitment of Festival and that any fees paid from that point on will be non-refundable.

Please Note: Festivals may release final schedules at short notice.


Please direct any questions regarding Festival to Brianna Giles brianna@rnbdance.ca  or info@rnbdance.ca