Peak Performance Program

RNB aims to train well-rounded dancers. With not only a strong Classical form, we can help prepare dancers for a career in Contemporary, Jazz, Theatre and Commercial dance. RNB offers the Peak Program to develop the candidate's ability in such a way as to provide the basis for either professional employment as a dancer, further training programs as a dancer or dance teacher.  Pupils will be encouraged to take examinations and compete in Festivals as part of this program, and will also be offered a wide range of performance opportunities. RNB will offer workshops with visiting guest artists, annual performances and touring opportunities.

Throughout the yearly training RNB requires a high level of commitment. Successful candidates at this level should show virtuosity in performance, a high standard of technique and a sound knowledge and understanding of the work.

Students should also typically display a sense of self-awareness and be self-motivated in terms of their personal development.

Candidates will need to show the qualities of professionalism, commitment and focus, with the ability to manage a greater workload than that required for the General school Program. Students will receive reports and the chance to discuss their development with staff in person. 

Joining the Peak Performance/Super Achievers Program students can attend Academic school until lunch which offers more time for students looking to dance 15 + hours each week. 

Any student wishing to take our Peak Program must audition and conduct an interview to show their teachers that:

a) set work can be demonstrated with confidence (without mistakes);
b) free (unset) work can be picked up quickly;
c) they possess appropriate technique, style and quality;
d) they can articulate in their own words why they want to be in the program.

The Principal and staff will determine and create the best program available for individual progress using measurable criteria and instructor feedback and confirmation that Academic Requirements are being met.

Festival= Students will be expected to take Accelerated Classes when invited and gain all competition experience whenever possible. 

Exams= Students will be expected to take RAD and/or ISTD exams if invited.

Work Shops and Touring will require fundraising or additional charges.

In Dance development we offer: 

  • A supportive environment for each individual dancer to reach their own maximum potential

  • Technical Accomplishment

  • To give performance skills that will enable artistic interpretation of a variety of style and choreographic demands

  • To give musical awareness and sensitivity to a wide variety of music styles, with an understanding of how music and dance mutually increase quality

RNB promotes a family atmosphere, to encourage: 

  • physical health and well-being;

  • mental strength and discipline;

  • self-esteem and confident appearance;

  • positive attitude and good manners;

  • social development and common bonds of friendship that will last them throughout their school years into adulthood.

Peak Classes 2019/2020

  • Peak Performance/Masterclass

  • Peak Director Meeting

  • Peak Ballet x3

  • Peak Pointe x1

  • Peak Contemporary

  • Peak Conditioning

  • Peak Physio

  • Peak ISTD Modern 

Peak 2018/2019

Peak 2018/2019