Teaches social skills, physical awareness and the joy of moving through space all in a safe and nurturing environment.

Let's Dance: Open to 3/4 year olds to learning & enjoying the beginning of dance technique. This class will offer a fun and educational experience.


Ballet offers students a sense of discipline and achievement and is a great foundation for many styles of dance. Classes are offered for younger to senior students. Ballet for younger students is great way for them to express themselves and explore. The classes are structured to develop coordination, motor skills, musicality and imagination. Ballet dance instruction follows Royal Academy of Dance (RAD) standards and students will be examined under this program.

Pre-Primary- (5 years)
Primary- (6 years)
Gr. 1 - Gr. 8- Twice a week program
Inter F/Inter/Adv 1/Adv 2- Vocational Grades (invite only)
Jr Ballet- (7-9 years)
Open Ballet 1- Beginner Level (13+ years)
Open Ballet 2- (13+ years)
Sr Open Ballet- (13+ years)
Accelerated Ballet- Competitive Class (invite only)


Pointe work has an aesthetic beauty of appearing ethereal and weightless. Pointe is performing steps from ballet while dancing on the tips of the toes in pointe shoes, hard toed ballet slippers which require strength and skill.

Pointe 1- Invite - No Pointe shoes until 1st fitting with Staff
Pointe 2- Invite
Pointe 3- Invite


With a strong and secure technique Jazz develops dynamics. Jazz offers students choreographically challenging and satisfying work whilst developing their strength, flexibility and stamina. Jumps, turns and correct posture are essential while executing powerful movements.

Intro Jazz (5/6 years)
Jr Jazz- Beginner Level (7-9 years)
Jr Jazz 1 & Jr Jazz 2- (7-9 years)
Inter Jazz- Beginner Level (10-12 years)
Inter Jazz 1 & Inter Jazz 2- (10-12 years)
Open Jazz 1- Beginner Level (13+ years)
Open Jazz 2- (13+ years)
Jazz A/B/C/D/E- Ballet Twice A Week Required
Company 1/2/3/4- Competitive Class (invite only)


Lyrical Jazz uses the Jazz technique while using flowing movements. Lyrical dancing may interpret the mood or lyrics of a song.

Jr Lyrical 1 - (7-9yrs)

Jr Lyrical 2 - (invite only)

Inter Lyrical 1 - (10-12 years)
Open Lyrical 1- Beginner Level (13+ years)
Open Lyrical 2- (13+ years)
Jr Accelerated Lyrical- Competitive Class (invite only)
Inter Accelerated Lyrical- Competitive Class (invite only)
Sr Accelerated Lyrical- Competitive Class (invite only)



Modern is a syllabus that has been carefully planned to create a versatile dancer. A series of examinations has been created from children's grades through to professional teaching qualifications. Modern combines dance styles such as Jazz, Lyrical and Contemporary to develop disciplined dancers.

Primary Modern- (5/6 years)
Gr. 1-Adv 2- Ballet Required (7+ years)


Tap concentrates on intricate foot work being practiced for clarity and speed. Tap is a percussive form of dance with lively rhythmic tapping.

Intro Tap- (5/6 years)
Gr. 1-Adv 2 Tap- (8+ years)
Jr Tap- Beginner Level (7-9 years)
Inter Tap- (10-12 years)
Open Tap-Beginner Level (13+ years)
Sr Tap- (13+ years)
Accelerated Tap- Competitive Class (invite only)


This subject is a constantly evolving style of dance that gives an awareness of gravity and relaxation. Students are encouraged to explore their sense of movement whilst building an exciting movement vocabulary.

Inter Contemporary- (10-12 years)
Open Contemporary 1- Beginner Level (13+ years)
Open Contemporary 2- (13+ years)
Contemporary A/B/C/D- Ballet Required
Accelerated & Elite Contemporary- Competitive Class (invite only)


Hip hop can include sharp Locking, Popping, Street Jazz, Krumping and Breakdance. The music and style is similar to that of popular music videos.

Hippity Hoppity- (5/6 years)
Hip Hop Kidz- (7 years)
Jr Hip Hop- (8/9 years)
Inter Hip Hop- (10-12 years)
Open Hip Hop - (13+ years)
Jr Adv, Inter Adv & Elite Hip Hop- Competitive Class (invite only)


Acrobatics is a combination of gymnastics, dance movements and stunt work. It requires and develops flexibility, strength and balance.

Intro Acro- (5/6 years) 1 other dance class required
Jr Acro (7-9years) 1 other dance class required
Inter Acro- (10-12 years) 1 other dance class required
Acro Tech- Required for Accelerated & Elite Acro
Accelerated & Elite Acro- Competitive Class (invite only)


Students will work on stage performance skills in this class, learning to express themselves through dance, singing and facial expressions. This class combines music, singing, spoken dialogue and dance.

Jr Musical Theatre- (7-9 years) 1 other dance class required
Inter Musical Theatre- (10-12 years) 1 other dance class required
Sr Musical Theatre- (13+ years) 1 other dance class required
Production- (10+ years) Musical Theatre class is highly recommended, 3 other dance classes required


This class develops the strength and flexibility to improve the execution of dance technique. Strength and stretch helps with increasing muscle control and tone, flexibility and range of motion. This improves performance and reduces injury.

Conditioning- (9+ years)