Scholarships & Awards

The Charlie Costello Award- this award is given to a deserving student who shows more than just talent in the Theatre Arts. Charlie Costello is a true leader, she was President of the RNB Board Of Directors for many years and dedicated her heart and soul to the school. Past recipients are listed below...

2011- Luisa Allen

2012- Keirra Webb

2013- Sophia Delgiglio

2015- Elisse Beckett

2016- Kevin Johnson

2017- Anna Smith

2018- Nolan Ingram

2019- Kelli-ann Reed

Jim & Dawn Williamson Scholarship- This $500 scholarship is awarded to a Grade 12 student who has been accepted into a Post-Secondary Theatre or Dance Program. Jim & Dawn are well known in the community as Real Estate Agents and Dance enthusiasts. Past recipients are listed below...

2014- Allison Wall (Randolph School for the Performing Arts)

2015- Kiona Graham (Lamondance)

2017- Hannah Sim (Lamondance)

2018- Samantha Olivier (Ryerson University)

2018- Elisse Beckett (Lamondance)

2019- Anna Smith (Capilano University Musical Theatre)


Canadian Tire Jumpstart is a national charitable program that helps financially disadvantaged kids participate in organized sport and recreation. Jumpstart will help cover registration, equipment and/or transportation costs. For more information, please visit

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